Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Preparation Instructions

The above is an example of the layout and style that you should adopt for the preparation of your abstract. Abstract submitted should fit within the box of the abstract form. Abstracts that exceed the measurements provided will be truncated. Abstract should not exceed 300 words.  The following instructions need to be strictly adhered to:

1. Title should be in bold and font size 12. Limit your title to eleven or fewer words.

2. Following that, list each author’s name in bold (font size 11) with the presenter’s name underlined. Full names of all authors and supervisor should be used (with the supervisor’s name appearing last), followed by the name and address of the institution in parenthesis.

3. Content of the abstract:

Section headings and subheadings should be in bold and all text should be Times New Roman of font size 10. Single spacing should be used. Abstracts that have been either reduced before submission or printed in small type will be refused. The content of the abstract must contain the following:

  • Purpose of study: A brief statement of the objectives of the investigation.
  • Materials and method: A brief description of the materials and experimental method used.
  • Results: Essential results including data and, where appropriate, statistics should be clearly stated.
  • Conclusions: Conclusions should relate to findings of study.
  • Acknowledgement: Where supporting grants have been received, the agency and grant number should be quoted.

4. Presentations describing literature reviews (except systematic reviews) need not comply with the sequence of presentation above.

5. Please indicate your preferred mode of presentation, either oral or poster in the submission form. However the committee reserves the right to change the mode of presentation if necessary.